Caring for the environment is a strategic factor in CIDEC’s management. We are aware of the responsibility we have to prevent, reduce and mitigate the environmental impact of our activities.

By analyzing the life cycle of our projects and products, we identify environmental impacts from their origin, to reduce or eliminate them through sustainable practices.

We develop Vinanel XXI cables, free of hazardous substances that comply with the RoHS directive and eliminate the use of lead in all products. In addition to the development of lightweight harnesses for automotive use, they contribute to reduce the weight of vehicles to improve fuel economy.

In our operations we have practices to reduce, recycle and reuse the materials of our projects, we adopt measures for the saving and efficient use of water and energy and we include the use of photovoltaic solar energy as a source of clean energy generation. In the same way, we establish permanent awareness campaigns in order to reduce the generation of waste, emissions and wastewater discharges.

CIDEC supports all Grupo Carso operations in the analysis, adoption of good practices and development of profitable – sustainable projects to reduce the environmental impact that, as a result of this management, has managed to reduce the emission of the carbon footprint.


At CIDEC we assume our conscious and consistent commitment to fully fulfill our mission, considering economic, social and environmental expectations, showing respect for people, ethical values, the community and the environment, thus contributing to the construction of the common good.

Since 2012 we have had the ESR Distinctive as a sign of the commitment it means to be a “Socially Responsible Company”.

CIDEC’s social responsibility is manifested through its decisions and activities before the community and the environment, with ethical and transparent behavior.

We take into account the expectations of our clients, collaborators, shareholders, suppliers and the authorities in favor of sustainable development, health and well-being of society.

We comply with the applicable legislation, we have adopted the best practices in our integrated management system (SGI) in a consistent way, obtaining the ISO 9001, 14001, 50001 and 27001 certifications, and we are working to finish the implementation of the good practices of ISO 45001.

As a Research and Development Center, our projects and services have a multiplying impact on the generation of value through the knowledge and training of researchers, technicians and support specialists who contribute their talent to technological innovation, job creation, well-being of the families of our collaborators and to preserve the technological heritage of Grupo Carso.