Medical knowledge grows at an exponential rate: in 1950, it was updated every 50 years; in 2010 every 3.5 years and it is estimated that by 2020 every 73 days. Technological advances have allowed the reduction of both the cost of medical solutions and the barriers to innovation.

At CIDEC, we have the competencies in: mechanical, electrical, electronic, and embedded software systems, as well as wide experience in conducting test, which allow us to integrate solutions and develop new technologies such as those required in biomedical instrumentation equipment, integrating the support of academic and scientific institutions, as required, to complement our knowledge and be able to face the challenges in a better way.

Creativity has no limits in generating innovative solutions to strengthen health services.

Mechanical Ventilator Intensive Care Unit ICU CIDEC-UNAM

This ventilator is designed for high performance as required by an intensive care unit. Developed in conjuction with Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

CIDEC emergency mechanical ventilator

It is a ventilation system that can be used as an auxiliary breathing device in cases of emergency or during the transfer of a patient. The product has some of the characteristics of commercial ventilators, however, it is classified as “emergency” because it provides short-term mechanical ventilation, which makes it useful when there is no immediate access or availability for hospital care and, as support to medical units that do not have commercial ventilators or these are insufficient.

Both systems have a platform-based control with microcontroller and embedded software that includes the handling and reading of sensors, motor control and a human-machine interface with graphs and relevant clinical parameters such as air pressure and volume, alarms, calibrations and diagnostics.