At CIDEC we develop state-of-the-art software solutions focused on: connectivity, energy transmission and electrical distribution centers.


Today we are talking about mass data and the possibility of having it in the cloud, but what use are those large amounts of data to us without processing that generates value?

Vehicles currently generate a tremendous amount of data and we develop the technology through communication platforms that allow vehicles to be connected to their respective assemblers to make all that data have real value for our customers.


Electrical Distribution


Development and management of
web platforms and APIs

At CIDEC we work with avant-garde projects that always seek innovation and stay up-to-date on technological trends, integrating technologies such as Bluetooth®, GPS, WiFi®, SXM®, Android Auto® and Apple CarPlay® among others.

Connectivity in telecommunication cables

The development of state-of-the-art telecommunications cables for Ethernet networks, data transmission in LVDS, USB or HDMI protocol requires meticulous and standards-based tests. At CIDEC we develop these cables, including their certification process.

At CIDEC we carry out the design, definition of tooling, materials, testing and certification of state-of-the-art telecommunications cables, for applications in local area networks, long distance and automotive data networks, among which the following families stand out:

  • Multi-pair copper cables.
  • Fiber optic cables.
  • Coaxial cables.
  • Hybrid cables for cellular telephony.
  • Cables for structured cabling used in communication networks.
  • Cables for CCTV systems and automation.
  • Cables for security and control.
  • Copper and fiber optic harnesses and assemblies.

Due to the dynamism of telecommunications and the current demand for better performance of cables to transmit signals and data with greater speed, we support the development of new specifications in conjunction with customers and OEMs, and we have presence in national and international standardization forums related to this type of cables.

Fiber optic communications networks

Massive data transport is carried out through long-distance networks that use fiber optic cables, such as ADSS, OPGW, cables for metropolitan networks and domestic connection cables. At CIDEC we carry out the development of cables for aerial and underground installation, with evaluation protocols that cover raw materials, the finished product, and its validation with the international or individual specifications of the clients. Likewise, we evaluate and qualify the accessories required for the installation of LAN, long-distance and metropolitan networks, such as: junction boxes, terminal boxes, tension fittings, tensioners, splitters, intermediate supports, etc.

Connectivity in the industry

At CIDEC we are working on the development of Industry 4.0 in Grupo Carso companies.

Automotive connectivity

Our automotive customers demand wire and harness products that meet their strictest specifications. That is why CIDEC develops the testing and validation protocols that our clients need.

On the other hand, the increasing need of the automotive industry to support technologies for applications related to entertainment and information, active and passive security, cell phones, satellite radio, vision cameras, high-quality audio, Internet shared with Wifi® , etc., have motivated the development of special automotive cables for such applications, such as:

  • Coaxial cables.
  • HSD, USB, GVIF and LVDS high speed cables.
  • HDMI cables.
  • Ethernet cables.

Automotive harness with conductor of aluminum and other alloys

We develop solutions that allow us to reduce weight up to 40% by means of aluminum alloys in round conductors and also to reduce space with the use of flat conductors known as “Backbone”, in addition to the use of copper alloys for the reduction of gauges in the power and signal distribution systems, all aligned to the reduction of CO2 and contribute to the improvement of autonomy of electric vehicles, in low and high voltage. Our solutions on the market are: bi Flat & Round®, bi Flat & Flat®, bi Cap & Lug®